IRIS Detection – A boon in volunteer registration in clinical trial management

IRIS Detection – A boon in volunteer registration in clinical trial management

Biometric technology has coined a great high-end solution for creating unique identifiers for the Subject population being enrolled in clinical studies. So, in Clinical Trial world by adopting this Iris scanning leads an added option along with the other existing biometrics/OVIS (Online Volunteers Information System). IRIS has helped a lot in avoiding dual registration and miss-matching of the volunteers for clinical study. Apart from this, it is also beneficial for volunteer’s safety in terms of right allotment and assignment of the activities and privacy throughout the study and reporting.

Advances in technology has helped compacting the image capturing device from a bulky one. High quality iris images can be captured and converted to various formats and then the same can be converted to a standard template and assigned against a unique ID. This can easily be integrated with the module and can cut down the cost and time of identification of third party support for overall integration. Iris scanning has become a trend for authentication solution in present days. It is way more precise than face detection and works quite well in low light too.

Now a days, the application of Iris detection has immensely increased by many folds in various industries such as clinical trial management! Implementation of iris detection is not only limited to the patients’ registration purpose but it is also beneficial in terms of safety concern of the volunteers throughout the studies. Levels of various visits and verification / identification can be maintained which is one of the ethics for clinical trial. Iris detection is highly preferable over fingerprint detection, as fingerprint do gives wrong matches whereas Iris detection can rarely give falls detection.

Benefits of the using Biometrics:

Assures the clinical research principles for ethics of volunteers

Scalable solutions from creating unique identification to facilitate check-in/out etc.

Reliable result and less costly for implementation

Offers high level identification management system

Easy and safe to use

Time saving

Assures Accountability

Facilitates user friendly system

Convenient security solution

Versatility – can be used for many purposes

Efficient verification and identification

Efficient verification and identification

Impossible to forge

Eliminates the requirement of passwords

Seamlessly merges with software for confirming identity of volunteer

Sometimes the lack of the right technological solutions, accurate procedures, practices in the good identification technology may put the organization at risk to a greater extent.

Biometrics technology gives you accurate output with minimal invasiveness to manage volunteers from registration to assignment to closures. Claim of identity can be accepted or rejected in few seconds. Software and hardware can be integrated and utilized in required field. System offers robust security, this makes it more reliable and authentic. Biometric installations and deployment is cost effective and captures unique identification traits of individual that further adds value in precise data generation and verification.

The search engine can perform about 100,000 full comparisons between different irises per second, because of the efficient implementation of the matching process in terms of elementary Boolean operators and acting in parallel on the computed phase bit sequences.

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