CT Tracker

Outcome of multi-site clinical trials are extremely dependent on timely visit of patients and monitoring of those visits. It is essential for both clinical trial management team and investigating team to make sure to educate the patients about their visit schedule, provide them timely reminders about due visits to investigating sites, ensure IP supplies based on treatment arm of the patients, which also records patient visits and fills-up CRF data in timely manner.

CR Tracker is specifically designed to handle all the above tasks. For each patient enrolled under the study, it provides capabilities to design visit schedule based on study specific protocol. It helps in generating reminders and notifications for forthcoming patient visits. It also allows to capture actual visit against each planned visit and provide percentage completeness of data recording against each visit.


Based on data entered, it provides various analytics – representation of data in graphical and tabular formats

Complete chronology of visits of individual patient, planned visit calendar for one or more investigating sites, Patient recruitment status and rate at each site

Summary of status of all patients at one or more investigating sites and overall progress of study in terms of patient visits

For open label study, it can also provide the requirement of IP for each treatment arms against the recruitment of patients and upcoming visit at each site

Regulatory compliant, multi-functional Clinical trials management software solution for CROs