Diagnostic Imaging Software (DI Soft)

DI Soft, a web based application is developed to allow radiologists an easy review process of the medical images for different modalities in dicom or other formats. It allows efficient review process and resources. It also allows CROs to set their review flow starting from Uploading of the medical image sets from clinical site to Quality check to Assignment and finally to the radiologist at the head office or at any location based on the web based viewer’s accessibility. A comprehensive dashboard and quick statistics shows the uploaded details for all the time points for multiple projects from different sites.

DI Soft, a web based application is developed for the clinical Trial related activities like the screening of the patient who is suffering from the Critical Disease to track the their current situation of the diseases and the previous status of the Disease as well to study the benefits from the medicine and future dose management for the Physician or Investigator


A leading medical image viewer for Radiologists in CROs, hospitals and Radiology centers

Manage multi-site studies/review with web based dicom (.dcm) image viewer

Capture Irises for identification and verification purpose of the volunteer

Manage independent review comments from multiple radiologists

Eliminate patients’ CD’s (hard media) from imaging transfer workflow

Generate review data in one click for statistical analyses

All the Function complies With the RECIST1.1

Validations for radiologists in case of incorrect assessment selection

Regulatory compliant, multi-functional Clinical trials management software solution for CROs