End-to-End implementation

Clinical trials and managing end-to-end automation of processes require co-ordination of various departments, processes in those departments, a ready acceptance to make all round changes, and, if the organization has global processes then the challenge is even higher.
Sarjen offers end-to-end implementation of clinical trial automation which helps organizations in greater compliance, getting reliable software solution with audit readiness.

Sarjen offers its expertise in end-to-end implementation with centralized business process management for higher performance result of combination of coordinated processes/systems and digital platform for easy and user-friendly, strategically aligned, continuously improving software solution.

Flexi implementation

Module wise implementation

Considering that end-to-end implantation could be complex, Sarjen’s BizNET implementation can be progressively implemented; automating individual processes. With a steady, piecemeal approach, Sarjen can help organizations get their business processes automated. Various modules and their requirements can be studied and implemented. The value stream can be identified, and one or more modules can be implemented depending on organizational business processes and clinical trials/studies in run.

Combination of module implementation

When automating a business process, it is always easier to automate a bunch of processes. And in clinical trial management, organizations would benefit with implementing a group of modules in one-go. This will enable organizations in GCP, Part 11 compliant system; investing in one-time increased effort in implementation but reaps rewards. Sarjen can help in combination of module implementations for enhanced and improved operational progress; established quality process framework as the backbone.

Deployment architecture

Sarjen offers organizations advantage of choosing from…

A hosted SaaS model – validation hosted environment, available on a fully documented compliant cloud.


A combination of use of hosted SaaS cloud and on-Premise instance.


Help in on-Premise implementation as a validated hosted environment.

Regulatory compliant, multi-functional Clinical trials management software solution for CROs