Protocol training and Duty delegation

Every study is defined in the protocol even before the study begins – the rationale, trial methodology, approach, objective, considerations, etc. This protocol becomes the basis for each study. The study protocol is comprehensively designed enough to ensure the study is soundly planned ensuring safety and success of both the trial as well the participants without compromising integrity and compliance; importantly, the objective of the said study – overall maintaining good clinical practices.

With such huge investment of time and money, the hows and whats of clinical trial will be conducted, it is paramount that the involved personnel be properly trained and be aware of the nitty gritty of the entire study.

The Protocol training is conducted by authorized person and all to be involved in the study are trained to ensure understanding and smooth completion of the study.

The Protocol Training is mandatory for every person who are involve in the activity and no one can do the activity without training of the protocol BizNET not allow to do the activity that person who are not taking the protocol training to avoid unnecessary circumstances in the study.

Sarjen provides role and scope based Protocol training and Duty delegation which would help CROs for clean and clear study planning and completion.


Facility to upload training documents of each Protocol, List of changes (LoC (amendments)), Errata (error corrections, if any)

Training functionality with self-training as an option – with “Read and Understand”

Training evidence captured with electronic signature

Online Protocol Training and Assessment for Involved Staff in the Study

Only when the Training is completed, system will allow user to start work on the study protocol

Mis reports, Dashboard, Analytics

Regulatory compliant, multi-functional Clinical trials management software solution for CROs