Biometric Volunteer Registration

Volunteers or Patients are important aspects of clinical research. Volunteer selection in research needs to be compliant to the regulatory requirements; their identities should remain confidential. Volunteer for a study are selected as per project criteria.

BizNET provides a platform for volunteer/patient registration. Biometric registration is used for volunteer enrolment, identification and retention to ensure subject safety. This includes the following biometric methods:



Photographs by web camera

Lastly, Iris recognition

While conducting a study and, in turn, this helps ensure the right and most suitable subject enrollment process; overall maintaining quality in entire study.

BizNET maintains a databank of registered volunteers and their information in the system. A unique ID is allotted automatically to each registered volunteer and can be tracked easily based on that volunteer ID.

BizNET also users to manage volunteer selection based on different search parameters very specific to the intended study.


Biometric Identification

Capture signature and photograph

Capture Irises for identification and verification purpose of the volunteer

Capture primary personal and contact information of the volunteer

QC Review of Registered Volunteers Data

Store and Search on patient information

Generate ID card, Barcodes

Easy retrieve and print volunteer information

Data export in PDF and Excel format

Regulatory compliant, multi-functional Clinical trials management software solution for CROs