Clinical data management (CDM)

Clinical data management is involved in all aspects of processing clinical data, collection of data, cleaning and management of subject trial data. CDM ensures that the clinical data is sufficiently clean to support statistical analyses and its interpretation.

BizNET-CTM provides a platform which facilitates the process of data collation, evaluation, transmission and review. It emphasizes to the accuracy, integrity, transparency and accountability of the clinical data being produced.

BizNET-CTM allows end to end solution from designing of study related documents to its subject specific data collection, review and analyses and finally to best suit the statistical and integration part for final documentation. The data generated is precise, reliable and easily reproducible that increases sponsors’ confidence in the process, data and ultimately the product itself that is regulatory compliant.

It also allows data discrepancy generation and resolution, AE/SAE reconciliation, medical coding using standardized dictionaries available for coding AE. Also allows version control in case of any amendment(s) in the study eCRF and lock data in eCRF.


Allows data designing and processing

Generate flexible, accurate and cost-effective clinical data

Dynamic multi-level review process

Query/Discrepancy management

Data cleaning and validation edit-check

Lock the CRF data or the site projects

Allows medical coding with standardized uploaded dictionaries

Maintains complete audit trail of the process

Easy data archival and retrieval whenever needed

Data exports to PDF, Excel format

Regulatory compliant, multi-functional Clinical trials management software solution for CROs