Medical Screening

Medical Screening of the volunteers or patients is the Primary step of the start of the research. It is Important process to detect the disease of the Patient or Volunteer before participating in the project to avoid the unnecessary complication of medication of study and his health so before participating in the study investigator knows the health status of the subject/ volunteer in the medical screening activity.

According to the medical Screening activity BizNET Provide the Smart, accurate, and user-friendly solution for all the activity of screening like Patient Identification, Registration of the patient information, Physical examination, ECG and X ray reports, tracking the lab results till Enrolment in the study and also manage the number of activities of the screening as per the applicable regulatory authorities.

BizNET provides a solution to conduct this screening process electronically. The screening records can be stored and easily retrieved whenever needed. Based on this screening the volunteer or patient is found eligible to enroll into the study.

BizNET Categorised the screening i.e. the project specific and generic screening also can track the record of each patient quickly and handling the large data base with accurate results.

The project specific screening differs from project to project so can be designed accordingly as per protocol requirement.


Capture project specific or generic screening

Readily reusable template for generic screening

Capture all basic examination information in an electronic screening record (General, Clinical, Systemic)

Capturing Irises for identification and verification purpose of the volunteer

Store Medical Screening History

Attachment of ECG, X- Rays, Lab Reports, etc.

Online Review of screening records by PI and QA

Discrepancies Management

Sample collection and electronic test requisition; Repeat requisition also available

Generate Barcoded ID for blood samples

Online review of lab reports and marking CS, NCS

Subject allocation & enrollment

Printable Formats of Medical Screening records

Regulatory compliant, multi-functional Clinical trials management software solution for CROs