An integrated and comprehensive suite of solutions for Early phase and BA-BE trials

Project Management Clinical Research

In Clinical Research field Project Management and its tracking plays a vital role.
BizNET-CTM allows the Project Management or the Business Development department to easily manage different types of projects, resource…Read More »

Biometric Volunteer Registration

Volunteers or Patients are important aspects of clinical research. Volunteer selection in research needs to be compliant to the regulatory requirements; their identities should remain confidential. Volunteer for a study are selected as per project criteria…Read More »

Medical Screening

Medical Screening of the volunteers or patients is the first step of the start of the research. Volunteers/Patients are screened prior to the project starts as per criteria set for the said project. Screening process is very critical and important process based on which the volunteers or…Read More »

IWRS & Pharmacy Management

A strategic platform that incorporates a workflow to handle the Pharmacy operation in Clinical Trials. IMPTrack can help with central Pharmacy Management, which offers features that help stimulate processes easier and traceable at any point of time. Availability of quick reports for…Read More »

Clinical Laboratory Management

A customized platform with bi-directional functionality that deals with the clinical laboratory automation and increases efficiency of the process.
BizNET-LIMS, Clinical laboratory management, provides automation in laboratory by managing the interface between third-party instruments used for…Read More »

Electronic Case Record Form (eCRF)

Electronic Case record form (CRF) is the important record in the…Read More »

Electronic Data Capture (EDC)

An Electronic Data Capture (EDC), also known as Direct Data…Read More »

Sample Inventory Management

It deals with biological samples, their storage and retrieval…Read More »


BizNET, a complete suite for clinical trial management has easy end-to-end mapping…Read More »

Regulatory compliant, multi-functional Clinical trials management software solution for CROs