Electronic Data Capture (EDC)

An Electronic Data Capture (EDC), also known as Direct Data Capture (DDC), is a system designed to allow collection of clinical data through computerized system. It helps accelerate and streamline data collection methodology by replacing the traditional paper based CRF with an organized and standardized process.

EDC/DDC allows accurate, clean and fast access to collected clinical data. It also collects data through electronic interfaces and captures the same into the eCRF.

BizNET provides an EDC/DDC solution especially designed to support BA-BE projects where the data collection is required timely (fixed time points and intervals as decided for the project) and periodically – using user-friendly data entry and review. In turn, would save in time and paper costs.

BizNET also allows data collection for IP administration (dosing) and Sample collection activities through barcode.


Electronically capture data into eCRF

Generate barcode for IP dosing and Sample collection

Project-wise subject management

Randomization or Treatment assignment

Real time data capture

Visit-wise scheduling

Capture/Identify data using barcode gun reader

Online review process

Custom defined alerts during data entry for clean data capture

Regulatory compliant, multi-functional Clinical trials management software solution for CROs