Sample Inventory Management

It deals with biological samples, their storage and retrieval from/into the deep freezer. The biological sample management is very tedious process because of large number of samples collected throughout the study cycle for analyses. Sample Inventory Management is the need of the hour.

BizNET-CTM is an end to end solution which allows to effortlessly manage all biological sample types.

The labeling of samples – sample bags, stands, aliquots s barcoded.

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Creation of PK sample batches

Track movement of PK samples

Generate barcodes and multiple barcode for sample, aliquots, bag/stand

Centrifugation log keeping

Manage sample separation log

Allow sample re-arrangement and bag creation

Movement and verification of bags to freezer

Request and Retrieval/Re-storage of PK sample for analysis

Data export to PDF and Excel formats

Better accountability of biological samples (freezer & retrieved)

Systematic tracking of the shipment

Regulatory compliant, multi-functional Clinical trials management software solution for CROs