Biometrics are gaining popularity in Clinical Trial projects for identification of volunteers – So Is Iris Technology

Biometrics are gaining popularity in Clinical Trial projects for identification of volunteers – So Is Iris Technology

Recently the term “biometrics” has gained much attention in Clinical Trial (CT) studies during registration of volunteers at sites. Contract Research Organizations (CROs) where the record is finespun for human population. Registration of volunteers for Clinical Trial project with due care and distinctive is one of the chief aim of the CROs.

Biometrics System has become the need in developing studies where human involvement is there. Biometrics has also taken the stand to cite the emerging field of technology and advancements devoted to proper identification of participants using biological traits, example but not limited to Iris, finger prints, face recognition, palm veins, palm prints, DNA). Biometric system helps reduce the concern and consequences of potential fake identification during enrollment. As duplicate enrollment is not a new problem in clinical trial industry that blight the safety and identity concerns in studies.

BizNET Clinical Trial Management continues to enhance their assistance and is coming up with recent technology that includes biometric iris platform to their clients and to Contract Research Organization (CROs).

Biometrics is the metrics concerned with human characteristics. It helps in measuring physical and anatomical characteristics of individual. Biometrics applications use devices to capture the iris scans, retina scans, finger prints, face or palm geometry etc. and through computer programming the same is transcribed into various forms for storage and retrieval purpose for identification of individuals that are under surveillance.

Key points:

Ability to avoid dual registration of the same participant

A standard procedure for enrollment and identification and verification of the participant

Easy enrollment with identification and storage for future reference

Reasons to upgrade:

Fast tracking and record fetching to cut short time

Quick decision during enrollment and assigning under projects

Manage budget and recruitment of participants

Central platform to access with all trial and registration information

Faster identification and verification

Less clumsy

Set distinctive identifiers to label and describe individuals

Adaptive biometric system to update the templates

Regulatory compliant, multi-functional Clinical trials management software solution for CROs