Electronic Data Capture for BA-BE Studies

End-to-end electronic data capture solution for clinical trial operations

Research & Development industries like Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Life Sciences, Device industries etc. invest their big chunk of resources into managing their operations for numerous lines. Many CROs outsource and hire consultants to complete the projects followed up with submissions to regulatory bodies in various regions. It’s been seen that different department would have different vendors for their services and at the end it becomes difficult to track and report for the completion. Many a times managing operations and projects by being dependent on many vendors would lead to a helter-skelter kind of situation followed up with deadlines and hefty fees for the services. Using Electronic Data Capture (EDC) solutions from different vendors for different departments again makes the system complicated for organization.

Over the period, when a Contract Research Organization (CRO) grows from small operations to have bigger operations based industries, it would become highly important for any organization to have an end-to-end solution for their complete operation under one roof with a global mission of reducing papers, time, efforts, cost and resources while accomplishing increase in productivity, turn over, quality, authenticity.

Our endless research & development resulted into the logics and strategies that has gained the trust of users from CROs and healthcare industries and have attested for their significant growth in a short period by going paperless by adopting Electronic Data Capture (EDC)/Direct Data Capture (DDC), ability to run more number of projects parallelly and submit the reports in a short time. Head over to solutions to learn more about how BizNET endows person in production environment think differently about the eClinical world, so is Clinical Research at a whole.

BizNET would help CROs connect their different verticals under one roof.

Regulatory compliant, multi-functional Clinical trials management software solution for CROs