Why Smart R (IWRS) in Clinical Research?

Clinical research and the pharmaceutical industry have been exponentially expanded throughout the first decade of the 21st century in terms of drug revelations, their inventions, several medical devices, and other technologies to assist the community better in health care. 

This accelerated boom has put pharmaceutical industries under enormous pressure to win the race by getting their drugs in the market and getting them patented. This is a fundamental sign for the sponsors to start generating returns for their immense research investment. 

 Pharma companies are profound from the drug discovery, Investigational New Drug Application, and New Drug Application till the various phases of the clinical trial to stimulate the entire process and obtain the key milestones well in advance vis-a-vis the competitors. 

Hence, here we have a comprehensive solution for or decreasing the tremendous stress of manual work of clinical trials via the Interactive Web Response System. 

 IWRS solution 

  • Subject enrollment tracking 
  • Randomization 
  • Blinded Kit Creation 
  • Shipment Receipts 
  • Study Set-up/Site Set-up 
  • Stock Level Reports 
  • Dispensing 

An Interactive Web Response System (IWRS) is one of the user-friendly systems. And this technology   is developed and customized to enhance the quality of patient safety in a Clinical Trial. Implementation of IWRS into clinical studies can accelerate trial by remote recruitment, appropriate randomization, and automated product management. 

With evolving technologies, IWRS can be easily implemented into studies and can be accessed remotely through the world. Considering all the Stratification factors the system performs the dispensing process which plays a significant role in Blinded study. Randomization is the process of assigning trial subjects to treatment or control groups using an element of chance to determine the assignments to reduce bias. 

 Its robustness helps to have multiple studies ongoing at multiple operation Site. As per FDA “The most important design techniques for avoiding bias in clinical trials are blinding and randomization. 

Regulatory compliant, multi-functional Clinical trials management software solution for CROs