With comprehensive coverage of the bits of information of Clinical Trial studies has really accelerated the decision making process by Project Investigators and Sponsors. Ease of availability of entire information to glance over has veritably saved time, efforts and money of CROs and business Industries.


Contract Research Organizations (CROs) are industries where there is always a pressure to reduce the overall expenditure on research, management and analysis by making quick and efficient decisions with the help of accumulated data out of their activities. Along with managing all of the said operations, adherence to various regulatory compliance is one of the crucial concern while accelerating processes with the help of automation process. Sarjen’s client had always pointed towards a dashboard intelligence system to have status report updates and should also work as a Clinical Trial Intelligence System.

Availability of a system to narrow down to a required data out of millions of entries from database is the need of the industries.

Client’s Concerns

While interacting with clients, came across following concerns that they mainly had:

  • If a dashboard can give them insights of multiple activities at multiple sites at one place?
  • If decision making process can be accelerated with efficiency?
  • If Project Investigators and Sponsors can be provided with a quick report at any point of time?
  • If reports can be generated as an analytics project specific for respective site(s)?
  • Is technology reliable enough to drive the user streamline the Clinical Trial Management?

Sarjen’s Challenge

With thorough analysis and back-to-back meetings with Users, Managers, Accountants, Quality Associates, Project Investigators and Sponsors, our team came out with consolidated solutions to serve the purpose to give insights into the Clinical Trial projects and various activities.

  • How a consolidated report can be prepared to generate at any point of time to help make decisions into clinical development
  • To make available the main information on dashboard with role operations
  • To make reports regulatory compliant
  • To provide combination of filters to have specific data at any point of item

Our approach to give In-depth Intelligence

  • Provided with dashboard with reports available on user specific rights, to help one produce reports as per one’s need
  • Interlinked various Clinical and Lab modules to fetch results and make them available at one point
  • To help analytic department to plot graphs based on the generated reports from dashboard

How Clinical Trial Intelligence helped on dashboard to clients

  • It has helped Project Managers, Site Managers and Investigators to get an executive view of the reports for multiple or specific projects
  • Customized reports with multiple filters and options to narrow down to user specific report
  • Availability of sponsor, account and other department specific reports have really helped management save time and efforts in compiling report to do project closure activities
  • Had accelerated the entire processes and CROs are capable of handling multiple project at a time with scheduled activities with the help of BizNET Clinical Trial Management Suit
  • Investigators need not to log-in to multiple accounts to have various project related reports and insights, role operation handles the same
  • It has become very easy for CROs to share all required documents with QA, Sponsors and Regulators

Our goal is to strengthen the relationship among volunteers, stakeholders, investigators, Biopharmaceutical Industries, Biotechnology Industries, Life Sciences Companies and Regulators around the world.

Regulatory compliant, multi-functional Clinical trials management software solution for CROs