Cloud hosting is the concept developed around hosting of application, database to use resources available across servers to accommodate all aspects of hosting requirements. This would balance the hardware and software resources and can be used when in need. The buzz of hosting on Cloud has now been successfully accepted worldwide and is gaining more popularity as the day goes by. Cloud hosting is offered for various benefits it provides over the more traditional hosting options.

The cloud option gives scalability (use of resources as and when required and that can grow or shrink as required), immediacy (additional services can be added on demand), savings (to pay only when the resources are used) and much more…
Sarjen’s on Cloud option for BizNET gives flexibility of hosting on their server with flexibility in choice of solutions you opt for.
The solutions are available in singlet or a bundle of your choice (all or a few) and can be hosted on one of Sarjen’s servers for your ease. Cloud options provide a secure, reliable, scalable environment to accommodate the regulatory requirements.

As opposed to use of Cloud hosting, BizNet is also available as a package with a choice modules/products in the bundle which can be deployed on client premise. This is a more traditional method of approach of hosting an application on premise. It can be achieved by managing data server and/or application server and this gives the company managing it a greater degree of control. With all the advantages provided by on premise hosting – control over the data and server/s is the biggest one, the biggest disadvantage is the continued full costs of running the data centre – energy, security, maintenance, license fees, etc. On premise can be a preferred choice where the companies have ability to supervise and maintain server/s on premises.


Regulatory compliant, multi-functional Clinical trials management software solution for CROs