System is a customized platform with bi-directional functionality that deals with the clinical laboratory automation and increases efficiency of the process.

BizNET-LIMS is providing automation in laboratory by managing the interface between the third party instruments used for analysis. Application is developed with auto release functionality by the auto checking of the last result, delta check, high or critical result check and helps save lots of time of the organization.

BizNET-LIMS allows to track the samples for analysis and it ensure a secure data channel along with the adherence to the regulatory requirement followed up with all required reports for submissions and tracking of the samples during analysis.

BizNET-LIMS allows to register the patient and also generate the sample barcodes, also generates and track Lab-Kit management.


Bi-directional communication between host and machine

Electronic sample receive and result capture directly from machine

Multi-level approval and authorization

Electronic Lab Kit Management

Demarcation of modified lab results

Colour codification of “Out of Range” and “Critical Values” results

Mandatory Quality Check (QC) for all parameters prior running samples

Complete audit trail of the QC performed and process

Customized reports for statistical department

Regulatory compliant, multi-functional Clinical trials management software solution for CROs