Automation in bioanalytical laboratories improves the sample throughput, data integrity and transparency of the process. The bi-directional functionality between bioanalytical software and any third party vendor’s instrument shortens method development time and sample data turnaround time. Automated flow helps scientists to track the progress of the respective sequences at any point of time.

BioLyte’s automation processes improves productivity, reduces labor and occupational hazards. Multiple review phase among respective departments can work from their location to validate the sequences and samples being generated for the analysis.


Automatic sequence generation & plan analytical run on LCMS-MS

Request form for sample retrieval for analysis

Data printing & export from LCMS-MS to BioLyte

Multiple functionalities for sample submission, result review, testing and data retention for execution of the laboratory data

Data collection, validation, authentication and electronic review

Data compilation for bio-statistical for further analysis by merging and export

Compliant ready data repository

Associates data from the lab to the business operation software

Easily facilitates software integration and standardization with different lab machines

Automation in bioanalytical laboratories for every machine

Regulatory compliant, multi-functional Clinical trials management software solution for CROs