Perfect planning/Project management helps any organization outperform in their business goals within the stipulated time frame. Tracking of the project from scratch to end till it gets closed is of prime concern for any organization. Planning indeed helps to track the activity at any point of time in phases and delay in any of the phase(s) can be avoided by taking timely action.


CROs, Pharma Industries and other Business Industries mainly deal with giant projects followed up with their planning, assignment, initiation, completion, reporting, closing and archiving of the projects with proper track. Completion of projects in postulated timelines necessitates Project Managers to have a platform, where the entire activities in phases can be tracked to make sure the activity starts and ends on anticipated date and time and planning does not go haywire.

Client’s Concerns

Interaction with elite group of Project Managers having experience in range of 10 to 20 years were the managers who shared their requirement were in line with today’s trend and hi-end technology. Mainly, their needs were:

  • To reduce the lead time
  • To reduce study execution lead time using web based tracking and reporting system
  • To set milestones and tasks for group of people and individuals to avoid confusions among the members
  • Internal web based communication system for better follow ups and reminders to send, if any

Sarjen’s Challenge

Client opted for Sarjen System looking at the knowledge and experience in Regulatory based Computer System Validation (CSV) guidelines and having already developed an application to manage the requirement of above said clients.

Our team discussed at length with group of project managers at various Organizations to know their challenges/concerns when it comes to effectively monitor operational activities and know if these activities divided in a sequential manner in consecutive phases are starting and ending at the marked date?

  • How to help project managers to track their department’s activities in coordination with their group
  • To help them generate reports based on phase wise completion
  • To let the team, mark actual start and end date if deviated from the set start and end date
  • To allow project managers and respective team members get auto-notification if they are not full filling the targeted start and end dates conditions at any point of time, where it would serve as reminder and aid project managers to have complete activities at the end
  • To implement IWRS/IVRS based applications to facilitate system communication and interact with team to perform due tasks on time.

Our approach to give streamlined Project Management Process

  • Delivering a project management section, where project managers can define start date and end date
  • The various activities can be set to progress in a successive manner, where concerned department or person would be responsible to perform the activity
  • Managers can organize backlogs, priorities, task management and historical reporting
  • Managers and team members can communicate internally and post updates on task for any deviation and put the scheduled start and end date

Our long-term goal is to make Project management realistic, address rate-limiting challenges and providing an IWRS based system. This is a step forward to assist managers and members to accomplish small to large-scale Projects in a smooth manner and to add revenue to Organization on a long-term basis.

Regulatory compliant, multi-functional Clinical trials management software solution for CROs