Intelligence of computerized system has taken the Clinical Research to a new leap. System intelligence is driving the professionals to take next required step with the help of robust applications.


CROs and other healthcare industries are in dire need of computerized systems for their organization’s management and operations’ digitization. Enormous need of soft copy submissions for the research documents and ready to analyze statistics data from systems has become the ground to move and must to have an application in accordance to their need and compliant with various guidelines. The fast pace research and the need to make spontaneous decision in today’s world has gained much attention towards moving to an updated technology with intelligence and agility in data processing, storing, fetching and analytics.

Key words: Clinical intelligence, eClinical, Tech driven

Client’s Concerns

Agile system with prompt alerts and response(s) against the inputs is the need of Contract Research Organizations (CROs) or any other industry.

  • To have system driven work allotment
  • To have spontaneous system with real-time analytics on board for quick decision making
  • To have provision of auto review functionalities to cut short the total time in process
  • To cut short the time consumption for volunteer verification with faster biometric option

Sarjen’s Challenge

Sarjen’s challenge began, when it was a call to meet the latest biometrics and technology in perspective to reduce time and improve efficiency. Though the team has decided to implement the same at any cost. Few months of research and meetings resulted with the success of the imagination followed up with meeting the solutions with the application of edge computing and prompt response driven user interface.

Our approach to give auto review functionality and iris based verification while adding intelligence in application

Post our research for couple of months, team was cognizant of the entire concepts and mechanism to streamline the same with real life imagination.

  • Auto review functionality was developed to help users spend less time and produce more results. This further in-fact helped getting rid of the dependency among departments and users locating at different place and acting at different time
  • Developed user interface by allowing system to quickly obtain insights regarding the credibility of the volunteers in fraction of seconds, became possible with iris based verification
  • Optimized the flow that suits user at best

Our long-term goal is to develop high value solutions for clinical and business operations with highly focused approach on central monitoring and risk monitoring while maintaining the speed and quality at the best.

Regulatory compliant, multi-functional Clinical trials management software solution for CROs