IWRS & Pharmacy Management

A strategic platform that incorporates a workflow to handle the Pharmacy operation in Clinical Trials. IMP-Track can help grow your business with a streamlined solution in adherence with instructions from regulatory body. This central Pharmacy Management offers many features that help stimulate processes easier and traceable at any point of time. Availability of quick reports for the inline operations could help generate the overall movement of the investigation drug.

CROs involve themselves into multiple studies that further generates multiple inventories of the stocks. Piling up of the received products and allotment of the same becomes quiet cumbersome when it comes to keep track of whole lots of movements throughout days, weeks, months etc. We attest that integrating this software would help CROs afford opportunity to step-up efficiency, acquire more studies, engage a paperless and safer system. This is the most robust and efficient system for any size pharmacy operations. The system validations and reports management system within the software ensures that the pharmacy can stand firm for audits by the sponsors with enhanced transparency shown by lucid records.

Have a look at the key features of complete solution for your pharmacy wing, developed by keeping the entire track of the movement in real-life system:


Pharmacy Management provides Contract Research Organizations (CROs) with a real-time detailed report of pharmacy movement for individual/all projects

Interactive Web Response System (IWRS) for real-time team notifications

These reports review allow managers to assess what pharmacy products are being moved, consumed, quarantined, destroyed etc

Aids in generating project-wise movement reports as per the need

IMP-Track provides an efficient method of managing inventory online

IMP-Track also facilitates notification to re-order a product that are running low in quantity

Software keeps log of time of receipt to further internal movements of the products

Moving to paperless system for archival as and when required

Role specific duty delegation facility

Mandatory alerts for full entry and tracking of the details to avoid any issues at a later stage

Easy to use and acclimatize with system by the user in IWRS & Pharmacy Management

Know the changes made, if any by thorough audit trail of records

Pharmacy reporting for monitoring monetary essentials

Regulatory compliant, multi-functional Clinical trials management software solution for CROs